Our History


Over a decade ago we set out to TRANSFORM the restaurant industry.

We became the world’s leading restaurant call center…

We impacted thousands of the world’s greatest restaurants! And we have processed over $1BB in sales for our partner brands!

In 2014 we set our sights on becoming the world’s leading restaurant innovation company. Shortly thereafter, we signed a strategic partnering agreement with Cognizant (Nasdaq CTSH) giving us access to 200,000 employees, 70 locations across the globe, and nearly $40BB in market cap.

In 2016 and beyond we will grow outside the boundaries that a traditional call center demands and we will become a brand that SYNCHRONIZES technology, people, and process to radically enhance the guest relationship, promote the brand, and grow overall sales and profits. In recognition, we will become SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions.

SYNQ3 and the Restaurant 3.0 World

In the beginning, it was all about the food.

Because… in the old days. That was pretty much all there was…

Then as we desired to serve more people—more efficiently—we added process, which did create a new dynamic for restaurants and resulted in better product quality, greater efficiency, and higher revenues.

This was the Restaurant 1.0 World.

As we progressed, we realized technology could greatly enhance our ability to serve more customers better… while further improving quality and growing profits. So we added technical capabilities to our restaurants – smart POS systems… ordering systems… phone systems… and much, much more. The results were impressive. At least at the time.

This was the Restaurant 2.0 World.

Now today, with the amazing amounts of data available, and the great opportunities offered by social media, coupled with the pervasiveness of devices used by consumers, we are realizing a totally new world. One where we can talk to millions of people… but on a one-on-one level. A world where we know what the guest’s favorite dish is… What their name is… When they prefer to order… When they are happy with our offerings… And when we have not satisfied them fully. These amazing advances have enabled us to help our clients build relationships with customers like never before.

This is the Restaurant 3.0 World

And at SRS

We Relate.

In some ways the Restaurant 3.0 World is a return to the days of the past—where the local restaurant owner knew his customers personally… and if there was ever a problem, it got fixed right then and there.

This was the inspiration behind SRS:

To bring personalization and depth back to the guest relationship…

And make every guest feel honored and valued.

For over ten years, SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions has been the premier call center solutions company for the restaurant industry. Now, SRS has become SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions; combining our extensive restaurant call center experience with innovative technology and guest interaction solutions to bring even greater success to our partners. Our mission is to transform the restaurant industry by cultivating deep relationships through the synchronization of people, process, and technology. It is our goal to expand and enhance the guest relationship to dramatically improve the scope of our restaurant partners’ customer interaction strategy—building on our already rich restaurant call center expertise. This new level of integration, what we call the Restaurant 3.0 World, will dramatically change the face of how restaurants do business over the next decade.

At SYNQ3, we are proud to be a part of leading this charge.