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The restaurant industry is changing, and owners are feeling the pressures of wage increases, the pain of profit losses and wasted money, the weight of stressed-out staff members, and the confusion that comes with trying to utilize new technologies effectively. SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions can address all of these issues, and more, to help your business thrive in the Restaurant 3.0 World.

Our solutions drive all manner of restaurant improvements, including:

  • Enhanced guest relationships
  • Increased average check
  • Significant reductions in abandoned calls
  • Improved guest experience
  • Happier, more efficient staff members
  • Utilization of data that will enhance guest relations
  • Innovative technologies that reduce cost and drive greater efficiencies

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions has surpassed $1 Billion in sales processed since our founding–and we continue to grow rapidly on a daily basis. Our company is bringing systems and innovative technologies that are changing how restaurants do business for the better. Read below to see how the solutions we offer can transform your business. And contact us to find out more.

Solution 1 – Grow Your Take Out Sales

SYNQ3 can help you dramatically expand your take-out orders and take-out sales by offering a comprehensive program that increases transactions, grows average check, improves efficiency, and lowers costs. We do this by knowing your customers’ names, preferences, order history, and much, much more.

Give your in-house guests the attention they deserve, and let your take-out guests receive ultimate customer service from our premier restaurant call center specialists—staff trained on both your business and your culture. With our solutions, calls get answered, and orders get taken. We virtually eliminate abandoned calls, while growing average check, providing higher service levels, and significantly reducing errors. We leverage knowledge, training, and technology to grow your sales, improve customer service, and streamline your offerings.

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions’ Call-Ahead Ordering Program Drives Sales

Technomic reports that Call-Ahead Ordering is the preferred way of ordering by as many as 69% of restaurant guests. We have utilized this information to significantly grow profits for our current partners. In 2012, a 400-unit fast casual chain hired SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions to grow their off-premise business. Over the past two years, their take-out sales have increased by nearly 200%, largely thanks to the implementation of our highly effective solutions. What we do… is integrate new technologies that get results.

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Solution 2 – Grow Your Catering

SYNQ3 can help you grow your catering business while lowering your labor costs by providing an integrated solution that drives additional transactions and increased purchase frequency.

Capture your most profitable sales by letting SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions create the best catering experience for your customers while growing repeat purchases. We know the value of a loyal consumer, and we are aggressive in our approach to earning and retaining brand loyalty. Our solutions provide multiple avenues of interaction for your customers’ catering needs. We have a highly skilled, consultative sales staff, Certified by the Monkey Media Catering Institute and capable of outbound lead generation, guest interaction, and multi-channel catering support. We understand the need to provide first-class service to these high-value customers—and SRS provides them with the quality experience that keeps them coming back for more. A recent Technomic report says catering guests require value, variety, and information. Can your staff service this need? SRS can provide cutting-edge analysis to help drive guest loyalty and a tailored VIP service for catering to take care of your best customers.

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions’ Innovative Approach to Catering Grows Business

We take what we have learned about catering, and use that information to help your catering business boom. For example, we know that 70% of orders are called in by women, and they want their events to be exceptional! Upon implementing the SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions Catering Platform, a recent partner reported a 17.3% increase in same-store sales, which is the largest increase since the company’s first quarter in 2006. And because of our collaborative program, their catering profits continue to rise. Another partner reported double digit increases in catering three years in a row.

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Solution 3 – Enhancing Your Guest Relationships

SYNQ3 can help you substantially deepen your relationships with your guests by synchronizing people, process, and technology to deliver maximum sales at the lowest possible cost.

SRS brings an entirely new approach to the guest relationship. Our proprietary processes and technology help you to serve guests in the exact way in which they wish to be served. At SRS, our expertise is in bringing together the people, processes and technical innovations to put a name to every face in your restaurant, on the phone, or online. Our goal is to make every guest feel honored and valued. The result is a guest that spends more, comes more often, and is more likely to spread the word about your brand to others.

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions Guest Experience Programs Grow Business

At SYNQ3, since we deployed our proprietary 3 Bears Strategy, we have seen significant success with our partners. Our 3 Bears Strategy drives the right type of guest, in the right channel, while simultaneously increasing online technology adoption. Since its deployment, we have seen our partner’s online sales increase by 63% year-over-year, restaurant direct phone-in orders reduced by 34%, a total sales increase of 19%, while also maintaining a 99% customer satisfaction with our call center services. More than this, our partners have seen an average check increase of $14.22 on average in the first year of working with us… with an additional $4.58 increase in year two! Essentially, our call center and relationship services increase the average check of our partners by 25% more than their in-restaurant average. By leveraging our specialized services, our partners realize increased efficiency, deepened customer relations, a migration to online ordering, and technical innovations that truly deliver maximum sales and the lowest possible cost.

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Solution 4 – Big Data and Social Media

SYNQ3 can help with your Social Media universe and with BIG Data applications by bringing solutions that enhance your guest management and relations and drive more business.

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions offers a comprehensive social media program that utilizes big data applications and guest management solutions. Our “Bag of Tricks” includes:

  • Advanced Analytics through the SYNQ3 Sentry Artificial Intelligence that provides quality assurance on every call
  • Integrated Lapse Campaigns that engage your guests to help you retain them instead of having to recover them
  • Lifeguard Omni-channel Solution to rescue dissatisfied guests at the time they are showing their dissatisfaction
  • The SYNQ3 Professor that utilizes proprietary big data solutions and systems to learn about your guests and what they want

Our systems leverage social media interactions, along with guest order history, purchase frequency, payment methods, and preferred interaction types to drive a whole new level of customer engagement.

Social Media and Big Data Applications Expand Marketing Opportunities

A 400+ unit delicatessen was struggling to capture valuable customer information. Their current program had only led to 11,000 contacts in ten years. In a 13-store pilot in collaboration with SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, the company was able to add 515 customers per restaurant per month… while also increasing their positive online reviews to nearly 50 per restaurant per month. Training and implementation was literally completed in a few hours. The simplicity of the program, and the incredible results, exceeded all expectations such that the company is now looking at a system-wide deployment. Additionally, this new level of customer engagement has led to a deeper customer-management strategy focused not only on capturing customers, feedback, and reviews…. but more effective promotions as well.

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Solution 5 – Mobile Mouth™ and Other Game Changers

SYNQ3 can help you make sense of, and better use of, the new restaurant technologies, like Mobile Mouth™ and Rapid Reorder, Sentry, Lifeguard, and Professor so you don’t waste time, money, and resources on ineffective offerings.

Meet your guests where they are. And engage them in the way they want to be engaged. Whether online, mobile, or via the phone—SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions provides the avenues that are best suited to the lifestyle of your customer. SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions will simplify the ordering process by saving key pieces of information about your guests through Rapid Reorder: who they are, what their order histories are, how they pay, and even what they dislike or are allergic to. Through our Mobile Mouth™ service, we make it fast and simple for your guests to call ahead and receive their order accurately and on time. All our solutions are designed to give each guest a VIP experience, at a lower cost—the natural migration from full service to custom service.

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Innovations that are Driving the Restaurant 3.0 World

According to a survey by Nation’s Restaurant News, many people express a desire to place their food orders via intelligent voice recognition software. Domino’s new voice ordering application is highly profitable and is very successful. Mobile Mouth™ takes this kind of success to the next level. While Dom is available to over 5 million guests, Mobile Mouth™ can be used by everyone!

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions is a technology integrator that drives adoption rates in the most profitable channels. We offer technical innovations that will save you money, provide convenience for your customers, and simplify your ordering systems. For example, with our voice enabled, online ordering system—Mobile Mouth™—you can reduce order-processing costs by up to 80%, and offer a mobile ordering application driven by your voice.

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Solution 6 – Transformational Consulting

SYNQ3 can help guide you through the ever-changing restaurant world and help you get to know your clients through our specialized consulting services.

SRS provides speaking and consulting services that expand your offerings, grow sales, enhance your guest experience, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Our consultative services have been provided to some of the largest and most prestigious restaurant companies in the world. Our goal is to help you realize the full potential for your business given the new paradigm faced by restaurants in this modern day. Our speakers are entertaining, insightful, and engaging.

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions Consulting Brings Transformative Change

Steve Bigari is a nationally acclaimed consultant, speaker, and author. He has been a professional consultant for over 10 years and is in the top 5% of over 150,000 restaurant consultants in the Gerson Lehrman Group. He is also on the Catering Institutes acclaimed board of advisors. By leveraging innovation, staffing, technology, and operations issues, he shows operators how to grow sales and profits during challenging times.

Known for his pioneering work with McDonald’s on many projects that helped transform the industry he initiated dozens of breakthroughs. Steve Bigari is routinely quoted in national publications, including “The World is Flat”, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. He has spoken across the country for numerous prominent restaurant brands, government agencies, and retailers. His unique perspective and daily interaction with operators from across the industry makes him insightful in most restaurant opportunities. He is well informed across most brands across all segments of the global restaurant industry.

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