Our Team

At SYNQ3, we’re proud of the team that we’ve developed, and cherish the honor of allying with knowledgeable, hard-working, sincere individuals. We know that the people on our team are vital to making your business a success, so we pick the best of the best for you!

Let us show you how we can work together to make your restaurant thrive.


And radically dedicated to customers and helping you grow your business.


  • “BJ
    BJ Aulino
  • William Ball
    William Ball
  • Tia Banks
    Tia Banks
  • Shawn Beane
    Shawn Beane
  • Dereck Bell
    Dereck Bell
  • Steve Bigari
    Steve Bigari
  • Shawn Bruner
    Shawn Bruner
  • Alphonso Bunn
    Alphonso Bunn
  • Chris Canfield
    Chris Canfield
  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark
  • Mykayla Cornforth
    Mykayla Cornforth
  • Regina Dyerly
    Regina Dyerly
  • “Tonya
    Tonya Fadler
  • Matthew Favier
    Matthew Favier
  • “Robert
    Robert Florczak
  • “Stephen
    Stephen Foote
  • “Mike
    Mike Furst
  • Jamie Gendoes
    Jamie Gendoes
  •  Katariina Gibson
    Katariina Gibson
  • Dominique Gile
    Dominique Gile
  • Jon Goff
    Jon Goff
  • Charles Griffin
    Charles Griffin
  • “Cora
    Cora Hadley
  • Phillip Herrera
    Phillip Herrera
  • Jeffrey Higgins
    Jeffrey Higgins
  • “Emelia
    Emelia Howe
  • Joshua Howe
    Joshua Howe
  • “
    Jeff Hutcheson
  • Erica James-Brown
    Erica James-Brown
  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson
  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones
  • Ashley Kees
    Ashley Kees
  • Eric Lammert
    Eric Lammert
  • “Erminia
    Erminia Leal
  • “Cory
    Cory Lowery
  • Andrea Marchese
    Andrea Marchese
  • Chelonda Marshall
    Chelonda Marshall
  • “Dan
    Dan McCabe
  • Alexandria Mee
    Alexandria Mee
  • LaVida Miller
    LaVida Miller
  • Trent Miller
    Trent Miller
  • Chiquiva Perry
    Chiquiva Perry
  • Blake Peterson
    Blake Peterson
  • Misty Phillips
    Misty Phillips
  • James Porter
    James Porter
  • “Rebecca
    Rebecca Powell
  • Heather Rolniak
    Heather Rolniak
  • Joanna Ross
    Joanna Ross
  • “Tony
    Tony Serafino
  • Matthew Steele
    Matthew Steele
  • Kristina Strickland
    Kristina Strickland
  • Mallory Taylor
    Mallory Taylor
  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas
  • Aaron Turnbull
    Aaron Turnbull
  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward
  • Lee Waters
    Lee Waters
  • “Lisandra
    Lisandra Watkins
  • Stephanie Williams
    Stephanie Williams
  • Kevin Woodson
    Kevin Woodson
  • Alicia Woten
    Alicia Woten
  • Linda Woten
    Linda Woten
  • Chelsea Yarbrough
    Chelsea Yarbrough