SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions to Significantly Expand Autonomous AI Voice Ordering for Panda Express® Drive-Thru.

Driving innovation forward for the drive-thru experience of the future, Panda Express, one of our fastest-growing marquee restaurant brands, is increasing Autonomous AI voice ordering capabilities across their many drive-thru locations. Panda Express’ AI ordering solutions, powered by SYNQ3, enhances the guest experience, streamline in-restaurant operations, and more.

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, the largest provider of AI ordering technology for the restaurant industry, announced today the expansion of their partnership with Panda Express, the largest Asian dining concept in the US, to provide autonomous AI voice ordering at select drive-thru locations in the Texas area. Panda Express’ AI ordering, powered by SYNQ3, is already operating at select locations where the technology is optimizing restaurant operations and significantly enhancing the guest experience.

Maintaining their “purpose-driven and people-first” approach throughout the process, Panda Express has leveraged the technology to assist with optimizing in-restaurant operations while enhancing the ordering experience for their guests. Throughout the process, SYNQ3’s autonomous AI ordering technology — SYNQ Voice — has greeted guests, accurately captured orders, provided visual order confirmation, item choice suggestions, consistently offered upsell suggestions, and seamlessly connected orders to Panda Express’ Point-of-Sale (POS) system. As a result, Panda Express has decided to expand deployment of SYNQ Voice in the Texas area.


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