The Future of Restaurant Technology

Restaurants Have Fallen Behind

In The Tech Race…

Technology is booming… and yet, the majority of restaurants are struggling to implement effective solutions that truly benefit their guests and drive profits.

Most of the restaurant industry is far behind the curve when it comes to technology and automation. Several of the technologies that restaurants had hoped would drive greater profits, like mobile apps, simply haven’t. Low adoption and irritated guests have resulted from apps that forgot the MOST important thing… to make the guest’s experience the centerpiece of their technology’s function.

Without a doubt, omnichannel, integrated automation offers the opportunity for restaurants to revolutionize the way they operate by maximizing efficiency and, most importantly, wowing guests. The key to a successful restaurant starts and ends with each guest interaction, and the same is true for successful technology.

So, if you’re ready to Leapfrog the leaders of the Restaurant 2.0 World, instead of playing catch-up, and see technology positively affect your profits, give your guests what they want: customer-centric technology and automation that clearly benefits them by fulfilling their needs efficiently, conveniently, and via the channel of their choosing while making the entire experience easy and enjoyable. Now the only question left is: how?

Automation is the answer. VIA is the way.

Life is headed toward automation. We see it in almost every industry: cars stop for their drivers to avoid accidents, drones deliver packages, TVs and phones respond to voice commands. But, what about the restaurant industry?

Yes, there are a couple leading brands with massive budgets that are seeing success in technology with kiosks and even ATM-like, burger vending machines, but what about your restaurant? There is a whole realm of opportunities in the guest-to-restaurant interactions that have been overlooked… until now.


The Way to Wow!

VIA, our Virtual Intelligent Assistant, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform unlike any other. Put simply, VIA is the most advanced restaurant technology platform in the world. VIA is an adaptive solution that incorporates geofencing technology, reordering systems, automated processes, seamless integration, and industry-leading, omni-channel artificial intelligence ordering.

Artificial Intelligence:

Then & Now…

The truth is, traditional AI has fallen behind the technology curve… and it’s anything but fool-proof—failing 10% to 20% of the time to capture an order accurately. Do you really want to tell one out of every five to ten guests that you are going to fail their orders—miserably? Nobody likes when the automated voice says to you over and over: “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Please try again.” Talk about a bad guest-to-restaurant interaction.

Unfortunately, that’s the kind of interaction you can expect for up to one-fifth of your guests if you resort to using traditional Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions. Even the most sophisticated ASRs simply can’t achieve restaurants’ primary goals: improving the guest experience, enhancing restaurant processes, and driving greater profits.

With problems like these, it’s no wonder the restaurant industry has been lagging when it comes to automation technology. Fortunately, here at SYNQ3, we’ve integrated technology with leading customer care technology providers that eliminates these issues and provides a new way to interact with guests.

VIA: Moving Automation & AI


We’ve partnered with Interactions, the fastest growing company in customer care, to bring the SYNQ3 VIA Full Order Automation Solution to the restaurant marketplace.

VIA, our Virtual Intelligent Assistant, is transforming the way restaurants interact with their guests by providing a frictionless path to ordering through any channel. Our platform enables a seamless, improved, and consistent guest experience while optimizing the productivity of in-store associates and lower costs.

VIA is powered by Interactions patented, and incredibly advanced, Adaptive Understanding™ technology; which blends Artificial Intelligence and human understanding to deliver a superior restaurant ordering technology with enhanced capabilities. These technologies enable restaurant operators to provide a highly conversational and engaging ordering interface to engage with their guests through any channel.

In addition, we have people available to back VIA up when certain utterances need interpreting, but the beauty of the technology is in its ability to pick up most all types of speech and sounds. It can tell a person’s level of interaction based on their response times and murmurs. It can even tell if someone is crying or laughing. Basically, VIA incorporates incredibly advanced, speech-recognition technology that requires very little human interpretation, which improves the order automation process and keeps costs down.


Not only does VIA provide excellent guest services for restaurants to adopt, they also provide advanced automated analytics research that assesses calls for restaurants to determine methods for improving guest experience on every interaction. In a recent VIA Analytics study, VIA acquired data from three major restaurant brands and SYNQ3’s call centers that measured guest experience, guest engagement, and order-to-call ratios.

Guest Experience

In this assessment, VIA’s artificial intelligence, speech recognition technology analyzed and measured experience based on tone of voice, stress in the voice, vocal exchanges, language, and emotion (e.g. the technology can tell if someone is crying).

Results: Guests have a better quality, phone-call experience when SYNQ3 handles the calls (11.5% increase in positive guest experience). SYNQ3’s call center performed higher in providing a steady, positive guest experience than restaurants did providing it on their own with employees taking calls.

Guest Engagement

For guest engagement, VIA analyzed and measured the cadence of the call, the interactions, timeliness of responses, gaps in conversations, interruptions, and pauses.

Results: Restaurants taking calls for themselves lack consistency. They can provide fantastic guest service and interactions one moment, but then, in the next moment, their service level drops dramatically, likely due to an increase in guest needs inside the restaurant. SYNQ3 provided a consistent high level of guest engagement eliminating the risk of permanently losing a guest due to stressed, poor service.

Close More Sales

For the order-to-call ratio, VIA analyzed and measured the number of orders closed by SYNQ3 vs. restaurant staff.

Results: Using SYNQ3’s dedicated call receiver/center allows for significantly better order-to-call ratios. We close 6.4% more sales. In the restaurant, employees are focused on getting off the phone; they don’t want to spend a long time describing specials, the menu, up-selling, etc.

VIA: The Future for Restaurant
Business & Operators

As a contextual commerce omnichannel platform, VIA is also designed to allow restaurant businesses to interface with their guests through voice, text, chat, social, and even existing applications. The same intelligence and processes that are used in the voice channel are utilized in all of the other channels.

The advantages of the VIA solution are substantial:

1. It provides a completely integrated, end-to-endomni-channel digital ordering platform to complement online and mobile ordering

2. It creates a VIP experience by knowing the guest, their preferences, previous orders, and even location

3. It allows for 100% instant answering standard for all guests, which means there will never be a wait for an answered call

4. It follows 100% of all business rules including upselling, cross selling, and ordering read-back

5. It provides a proprietary ai platform that will manage the process if customer intent needs to be determined by a speech recognition engine or a human

6. It is an innovative technology that is constantly learning in order to drive a high level of order accuracy


Bringing the Future to You!

VIA integrates directly with your POS or ordering platform to provide complete customization of all menu items as if guests were ordering from one of your employees. All VIA interactions are backed up by highly-trained specialists to ensure your guests get the optimum ordering experience through whatever channel they choose.

Now, imagine your restaurant with VIA on your side:
Guests driving up to your drive-thru window and engaging in a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable chat with VIA while your employees get to focussolely on giving the best experience for your in-restaurant guests while delivering a precise order to your drive-thru guests with a smile and low stress because they’re not running back and forth.

Your phone ringing off the hook because of how many people love your restaurant and the mobile-ordering experience it provides. But, the catch is, now the phone calls go straight to VIA rather than overwhelming your employees who are bustling to serve the guests right in front of them. Plus, VIA calls provide a better guest experience, more up-sells, and more attention to knowing the guest specifically, which in turn creates loyal guests who will boast about your brand to their family and friends.

Your restaurant saying goodbye to abandoned calls.
And, you saying hello to happier guests and staff, lower costs, more sales, and greater profit margins.

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