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Why This Study?

From smartphones with automated-speech-recognition technology to smart-home systems that can turn on lights and order pizza, artificial intelligence is becoming an expected convenience in consumers’ lives today. To succeed in the changing market, every sector of the restaurant industry needs to start rethinking and reshaping their operations to provide this greater level of consumer convenience, using technology or other methods. Creating the optimal guest experience starts with knowing what guests want most in ordering interactions and what innovations can produce that experience; SYNQ3’s 2017 VIA Analytics Study provides data on both.

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The Study

For the VIA Analytics study, VIA (Virtual Intelligent Assistant), a highly adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) and automated-speech-recognition (ASR) technology, monitored, analyzed, and assessed correlations between guest experience, engagement, and restaurant sales. The advanced AI tool tracked tone of voice, vocal stress, language, interactions, timeliness of responses, interruptions, vocal exchanges, and emotions during restaurant calls for three major brands, including P.F. Chang’s, and calls serviced by SYNQ3. While monitoring the calls’ nuances, VIA also tracked and related the data with customer experience, engagement, handle time, call abandonment, average check, and order-to-call ratios.

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The Results

The study’s results provide significant insights into what guests actually want in restaurant interactions while also giving restaurants an in-depth look at the opportunities available with artificial intelligence. An overall takeaway that surfaced details the benefits of utilizing centralized order-takers and guest-specific-data to provide a radically better guest experience, increase restaurant sales, and help secure a successful future in the Restaurant 3.0 World. Get the full report here.

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Increase Guest Specificity

Using guest-specific data and centralized order-takers in restaurant calls equated to a more positive customer experience by 11.4 percent.

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Use Centralized Order-Takers

Restaurants experienced significantly better order-to-call ratios, a 6.4 percent increase in sales, when using centralized order-takers and guest data.

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Provide Consistent Engagement

Restaurants can increase sales and overall customer experience ratings by increasing consistency and efficiency in call-in-guest engagement.

See the Data

The 2017 VIA Analytics Study marks the beginning of a new type of analytics, monitoring, and reporting that will allow restaurants a greater, more in-depth look at the guest experience. Check out the full 2017 report for free and find measured strategies for providing your guests with the best experience possible on the phone and in the restaurant.

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What is VIA?

Beyond its impressive and unprecedented analytics capabilities, the VIA tool presents numerous opportunities for restaurants to transform their operations and increase profits. With the help of advanced artificial intelligence, your restaurant can be on the cutting edge of the Restaurant 3.0 World, the future of the industry.

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