SYNQ3 also provides speaking and consulting services that help restaurants expand their offerings, grow sales, enhance the guest experience, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. We have provided consulting services to some of the largest and most prestigious restaurant companies in the world. Our goal is to help you realize the full potential for your business given the new paradigm faced by restaurants in this modern day.

Our primary consultant, founder, and CEO, Steve Bigari, is a nationally acclaimed speaker, and author. He has been a professional consultant for more than 10 years and is in the top 5 percent of over 150,000 restaurant consultants in the Gerson Lehrman Group. He is also on the Catering Institutes acclaimed board of advisors. By leveraging innovation, staffing, technology, and operations issues, he shows operators how to grow sales and profits during challenging times.

Known for his pioneering work with McDonald’s on many projects that helped transform the industry, he initiated dozens of breakthroughs. Bigari is routinely quoted in national publications, including “The World is Flat”, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. He has spoken across the country for numerous prominent restaurant shows, government agencies, and retailers. His unique perspective and daily interaction with operators from across the industry makes him insightful in most restaurant opportunities. He is well informed across most brands across all segments of the global restaurant industry.