Our Team

We’re Radically Dedicated
To Helping You Grow

At SYNQ3, we focus on providing the relationship between the restaurant and the guest with the single purpose of growing our clients’ profits.

At SYNQ3, we’re proud of the team that we’ve developed, and cherish the honor of allying with knowledgeable, hard-working, sincere individuals. We know that the people on our team are vital to making your business a success, so we pick the best of the best for you!

Employees talking to customers over the phone


And radically dedicated to customers and helping you grow your business.


Our Leaders

  • “Alexa
    Alexa Anders

  • “BJ
    BJ Aulino

  • Damon Baker
    Damon Baker

  • William Ball
    William Ball

  • Barbara Bannister
    Barbara Bannister

  • Tia Banks
    Tia Banks

  • Jason Barretta
    Jason Barretta

  • Shawn Beane
    Shawn Beane

  • Dereck Bell
    Dereck Bell

  • Steve Bigari
    Steve Bigari

  • Shawn Bruner
    Shawn Bruner

  • Alphonso Bunn
    Alphonso Bunn

  • Chris Canfield
    Chris Canfield

  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark

  • “Patricia
    Patricia Ellis

  • “Tonya
    Tonya Fadler

  • Matthew Favier
    Matthew Favier

  • “Stephen
    Stephen Foote

  • “T.J.
    T.J. Gadlin

  • Jamie Gendoes
    Jamie Gendoes

  •  Katariina Gibson
    Katariina Gibson

  • Dominique Gile
    Dominique Gile

  • Jon Goff
    Jon Goff

  • Charles Griffin
    Charles Griffin

  • “Cora
    Cora Hadley

  • Phillip Herrera
    Phillip Herrera

  • “Emelia
    Emelia Howe

  • Joshua Howe
    Joshua Howe

  • “
    Jeff Hutcheson

  • Erica James-Brown
    Erica James-Brown

  • Kailei Hutzenbuhler
    Kailei Hutzenbuhler

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones

  • Ashley Kees
    Ashley Kees

  • “Erminia
    Erminia Leal

  • Andrea Marchese
    Andrea Marchese

  • Chelonda Marshall
    Chelonda Marshall

  • “Dan
    Dan McCabe

  • Alexandria Mee
    Alexandria Mee

  • LaVida Miller
    LaVida Miller

  • Trent Miller
    Trent Miller

  • John Noel
    John Noel

  • Louis Noriega
    Louis Noriega

  • Chiquiva Perry
    Chiquiva Perry

  • Blake Peterson
    Blake Peterson

  • Misty Phillips
    Misty Phillips

  • James Porter
    James Porter

  • “Rebecca
    Rebecca Powell

  • Joanna Ross
    Joanna Ross

  • “Tony
    Tony Serafino

  • “Jason
    Jason Smith

  • Matthew Steele
    Matthew Steele

  • Kristina Strickland
    Kristina Strickland

  • Mallory Taylor
    Mallory Taylor

  • Aaron Turnbull
    Aaron Turnbull

  • “Lisandra
    Lisandra Watkins

  • Stephanie Williams
    Stephanie Williams

  • Kevin Woodson
    Kevin Woodson

  • Alicia Woten
    Alicia Woten

  • Linda Woten
    Linda Woten

  • Shaylene Wright
    Shaylene Wright

  • Chelsea Yarbrough
    Chelsea Yarbrough


By partnering with the best, we’re able to provide the best to our restaurant clients.

“I have never seen something happen outside a restaurant affect what happens inside as much as SYNQ3 does.”

“Due to our continuing partnership with SYNQ3 our franchise group has won franchisee of the year three years in a row, Restaurant Business Magazine’s 50 great ideas award and just recently we won the national Multi-Unit Franchise Magazine’s MVP award. We are both committed to innovation, transformation and sales and profits.”
Richard Osborn, Southwest Deli Group Franchisee of McAlister’s
McAlister’s Deli

“SYNQ3 really understands our business. Not only do they understand what we want to accomplish in the short term but they continually bring new and innovative ideas to us to improve in the long term. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”
Robert Notte, CTO
Patxi’s Pizza

“I have had the pleasure of watching SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions grow from an idea to an incredible company serving some of the most prestigious restaurant chains in America. SYNQ3’s model is very impressive and is making a substantial difference for their restaurant partners.”
Kim Shugart, CEO
WickedThink Marketing

“SYNQ3 understands the restaurant business and they understand sales. The agents know our menu, the ingredients, what goes with what. SYNQ3 makes sure they get it right so we get it right. I would strongly recommend SYNQ3 for your call center needs. They don’t just want your business, they want to be your business partner.”
Todd Stewart, Project Director
Fazoli’s System Management, LLC

“Steve Bigari and the SYNQ3 team operate at a higher level than any other service provider in their space. Steve and his team are proven restaurant operators who bring a hospitality mentality to their work – drive, perfectionism, servility. SYNQ3 meets and exceeds ROI expectations by delivering consistently on its promise to grow sales and cut costs for restaurant clients.”
Noah Glass, Founder & CEO
Olo Online Ordering