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Location Services to Better Serve Your Customers

Restaurant owners are constantly on the lookout for new technology that can improve their customer service, and drive customers through their doors. And if they aren’t, then they could be missing out on some serious revenue-building solutions. One such solution is called Geofencing.

What is Geofencing?

Targeting customers within range of your restaurant.

Geofencing uses your customers’ smartphones to contact them when they are near your restaurant. With this technology, a customer can be targeted through their browsing history, web cookies, registering with the restaurant, or downloading the restaurant’s app. And, once they are in the vicinity of the restaurant, they could receive a notification from your restaurant. For example, if your restaurant has a “Free Drink with Purchase” offer available, you can automatically send a reminder notification to encourage the customers to come in and use that offer, once they get near your restaurant.

Depending on your customers’ preferences, you could even encourage them to come in and grab their favorite drink during happy hour… and name their drink of choice!

For Whom Will This Work?

There’s no denying that certain customers will find this service, well, a little intrusive. “A restaurant that knows exactly where I am? Creepy!” But more and more, people are comfortable with this kind of targeting, and actually want it! If your customer learns that he or she can redeem a digital buy 1 get 1 free meal coupon at your restaurant, as they are driving by… that could be incentive enough for them to swing through. And, since they are already your customers, they already like you! And who doesn’t want to save a little money at a restaurant that they already support?

Limiting Geofencing

You may be concerned that customers will receive a notification each time they pass by your restaurant… which would be awful if they pass it on their way to work and back, for example. The goal is not to annoy our customers. The goal is to better cater to them. So, there are options for limiting when notifications will go out, how often, and to whom. Tailoring your messages to your customers’ preferences is how you can drive them to your business. Because irritating them with untimely or irrelevant offers is the exact opposite of the goal.

Geofencing for Call-Ahead Orders

Another way that geofencing could be used is for call-ahead order customers. With this technology, your staff can be notified when a call-ahead customer has gotten close to your restaurant, driven on your lot, and even entered the building. It pinpoints where exactly your customers are at, so you can serve your customers quicker, or avoid lukewarm food for when your customer is running late.

Encourage Customers to Check-In

Another way that this technology can work is to prompt them to “check-in” on social media when they enter your restaurant. With their help, you can remind all their friends to come to your restaurant… and help encourage people who have never tried your place to stop on by.

How Will This Help My Business?

Fresher food.

Food orders that lose freshness due to long wait times can have a huge impact on your customers’ experiences. By knowing where your customers are, you can have their meals ready at the right time!

Improved targeting.

You can track your customers’ previous orders, their allergies, and their preferences with current technologies. And, combined with Geofencing, you can apply your knowledge with their proximity to your restaurant.

Repeat visits.

When you are able to draw your customers in with special offers tailored to them (and how close they are to you), they are more likely to spend money in your establishment.

Better customer experience.

With Geofencing, a regular customer can park in the restaurant’s lot, and the host(ess) can be notified of their arrival. Then, when the repeat customer walks in, the host(ess) can give a simple “welcome back”, or even greet them by name!

Here at SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, we are shaping the future for restaurant businesses across the globe. Our proprietary technologies and solutions are designed to help you take your restaurant to an entirely new level. Currently, our technical and order processing solutions are helping some of the most prestigious international restaurant companies build relationships, increase sales, reduce costs, and enhance their overall customer experience. Realize the future of the restaurant business with us… great change is happening now.

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