The Impact of Geofence Technology

POSTED 3.31.16

Location Services to Better Serve Your Customers

Restaurant owners are constantly on the lookout for new technology that can improve their customer service, and drive customers through their doors. And if they aren’t, then they could be missing out on some serious revenue-building solutions. One such solution is called Geofencing.


Relationships Matter… Especially in the Restaurant Industry

POSTED 12.9.15

Remember the days when restaurant owners would interact with each guest… heartily welcoming them to the eatery, and ensuring that they received exquisite food and top-notch service? Or how about the owners or servers who remember their customers? There’s no denying that customers feel especially valued in these instances. And while these places do still exist, they are few and far between. What happened to the restaurant industry that relationships were placed on the backburner to other aspects of dining?


The Changing Face of Guest Interaction

POSTED 12.1.15

Technology has transformed all elements of life.

It has affected our interactions, how we learn, the way we date, how we run our households, the way we dine, and more. Technology matters to us. Technology matters to your customers.

As a result… the restaurant industry is changing…

Guest Interaction is changing.


The Future of Restaurant Business: Guest Interaction

POSTED 11.11.15

Predictions… They’re a dime a dozen.

If you Google the future of the restaurant business, you would be bombarded with some pretty ridiculous notions—at least, in our opinion. According to the vast majority of “industry experts”, the future of dining is going to be entirely based around technology… to the complete neglect of guest interaction.

To them, it’s all about efficiency.

At SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, we vehemently disagree. In fact, we believe that these “experts” have everything completely ass-backwards!


Restaurant Call Centers… The SYNQ3 Difference

POSTED 11.6.15

Let’s be honest for a moment…

Take-out service has a significant impact on your restaurant’s in-house guests.

And this hurts your business.

More than this, take-out orders impair your restaurant’s efficiency.

A hostess or bartender with too much going on may rush through your customer’s take-out orders… Or ignore them completely…

Costing you sales and harming your in-house guests’ restaurant experience.


What’s Dom Got to do with It? Part 2

POSTED 3.9.15

Remember that innovative restaurant technology we were talking about in my last blog post? Remember how Domino’s voice ordering app (Dom) used this technology, and has seen serious success through its implementation? And remember how we believe this kind of technology could transform the entire restaurant industry as all other restaurants begin to implement similar systems.
But… there’s also a significant cost barrier to developing these types of apps. And a significant time barrier as well.

That’s where Mobile Mouth from SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions comes in. Now… Mobile Ordering is not only transformational… it’s affordable as well.


What’s Dom got to do with it?

POSTED 1.23.15

As we move into 2015, we see much to be excited about in the areas of technology and restaurant innovation. The past few years have seen a number of changes and technical advancements in the restaurant industry – but what is coming over the next few years will be much more disruptive… much more amazing… and much more challenging in terms of overall effects on restaurant companies. The Restaurant 3.0 World is here – and it’s bringing all manner of amazing change and tremendous opportunity.

So… what’s Dom got to do with it?