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On The Whiteboard With Steve Bigari: Restaurant Automation

Video Transcription Today, we’re going to talk about automation. In fact, in a recent McKinsey study, they talk about global automation increasing productivity eight-tenths to 1.4 percent. The economic impact of that will be huge. Now, they also talk about...

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On The Whiteboard With Steve Bigari: Restaurant AI Solutions

Video Transcription You know, if you’re looking for directions, this thing works pretty well, but if you want to order a restaurant meal, you better be talking to a human because most automated-speech-recognition engines are not ready for prime time. They can fail at...

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SYNQ3 CMO Matthew Favier Featured in The Main Course

As a leader in the restaurant industry, technology space, SYNQ3 co-founder and CMO, Matthew Favier, was recently featured in the restaurant publication, The Main Course, discussing the shift in consumer expectations as artificial intelligence (AI) and...

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